Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Story - Moray Munch (cock-vore, lesbian, futa, asphyx)

Here's a quick tale of cock-vore, futa sex and underwater asphyxiation that came to me after watching a silly video about someone who made friends with a great big eel.


Because my brain turns everything into gory pornography.

Even trying to play a game of Pokemon turns into a series, an actually bloody series, of stories about fantasy-duelers who risk their cocks, balls and great big tits on battles.

Also, even playing Star Control II gets turned into pr0n in my head!

Now, without further ado, the regularly-scheduled pr0n.

"Why are we diving around this chunk of coral again Amber?" Jenny asked as she swam along behind her gorgeous blonde friend.

"I'm here to meet up with an old friend of mine." Amber replied, grinning over her shoulder at her sexy brunette futa friend as the pair swam, naked save for scuba gear and full-face breathing masks that looked almost like lean space helmets. "And here we are!"

"Oh? It's... I don't see anybody babe. Well, other than your sexy ass." Jenny grinned as she swam up alongside Amber, wrapped an arm around her and casually let her thickening cock press into Amber's side.

"There she is!" Amber blurted, thrusting a finger towards a small cave entrance just off the sandy ocean floor as a great big spotted moray eel slowly poked its head out.

"Oh? Oh wow!" Jenny remarked, admiring the impressive-looking eel uncertainly. Then she felt Amber's hand wrap around her thick cock and her uncertainty faded to a lusty moan as her dick grew to its full 16" length. "Unnhhh... Babe, so good... B-but... a moray?"

"Yes!" Amber grinned as she swam closer to the moray's cave entrance, pulling Jenny along by her thick cock. "I come out here every year and bring her a treat. I've been doing this for years and now she recognizes me."

"A trea-oh!" Jenny blurted as Amber guided her, cock-first, towards the moray's cave. "OH!" She gasped, cock surging as it was presented to the giant moray.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Lady Death Peril Art Commission by Bill Maus

I am thrilled to report that I have had a custom Lady Death peril art commission piece done by the one and only Bill Maus. Check it out!

Bound and at the mercy of a mysterious knife-thrower. Not an aspect of Lady Death you would expect, but one that I enjoy. Particularly with her expression revealing how she's reveling in this role-reversal and potentially mortal peril.

If her marvelous tits can't stop those knives that is. What do you figure are the odds on that?

Now, some background, I've been a fan of Bill Maus's busty superheroine artwork for years now. I caught on to his Nira-X and other babes back in the 90s during my comic book buying/collecting days and *WOW* did his stuff blow me away.

You can find more of his work lurking on his DA page. He was a consummate professional about the art commission and the final product looks, as you can tell, absolutely amazing.

His commission rates were as follows from an exchange (edited slightly for emoticons & grammar):
Commissions are typically 80 per character/ in black and white--inked.

Mixed media color is an additional 50 per piece-- or if you prefer digital colors, same additional rate.

Originals are all 11x17- mailed to you in a box. Shipping and Handling in the US is a flat $10 USPS.

As far as content - I'm happy with most anything. The only things I kinda stay away from is Hate or Religious stuff...Busty Peril sounds right up my alley, so I think we should be fine! Can be implied nudity or total nudity- just let me know what you have in mind and we can go from there.
Oh, also, Bill does peril art and the like but very likely didn't do his research on me and my preferences so don't expect his artwork to go beyond mainstream peril concepts.

That said, ask away! His email is:

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ancient Stories = Uncovered

Bwah-ha! Backup HD FTW!
I seem to have uncovered a trove of ANCIENT stories. Things I wrote about 20 YEARS ago.
Gods are they awful.
I'm going through some of the material, cleaning up what seems to be complete, and then I'll make a post about it.

There seems to be a considerable amount of stuff in here, which is interesting.

Details soon! Ping me if you want to see a list of the stories. I could get that done up fairly quickly.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Artist Sale! - Buy Templar's Art, Get Free Stories/Comics

Did you check out my last post about Templar's amazing art?

Well, you can buy collections of his art from for just a couple bucks.

And, for the month of April, if you buy art from Templar I'll give you a $5 story bundle of your choice, for free. All you have to do is prove that you bought the bundle (working that out with Templar right now... your email! So, message me and that's all you need to do) and email to let me know which story bundle you want.

Once I get the good word, you'll get a juicy bundle of gory pr0n at no extra cost!

1 Art Bundle from Templar = $5 free bundle from me.
3 Art Bundles from Templar = $10 in free bundles from me.
6 Art Bundles from Templar = $20 in free bundles from me.

So, if you're looking for some of my comic commissions with Batbabe, Eateres, KeeperOfDreams or OzborneKane, you can grab those too. Or even mix & match the free bundles with a couple extra bucks to get whatever the heck you want.

It starts on April 1st, yes for reals, and runs the WHOLE MONTH.
  1. Buy Templar's Art from
  2. Email with proof of your purchase and a list of the stuff you want.
  3. Get free stuff.
  4. The stuff is pr0n.
So, yeah, jump in on this and get some free pr0n.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sharing an Artist - Templar

For those who don't know him, Templar has been a fixture in the gore/peril/death pr0n erotica community for, basically, as long as it has existed. He's an artist and webmaster who, in the heyday of the Necrobabes website, lived at the now-defunct

These days Templar can be found in a few locations:
    A sex/gore/death-friendly art-sharing website. If you want to enjoy, or share, art that DeviantArt won't let you post, this is the place to go. You can even use it to host art for posting elsewhere.
    Like the sound of Templar's art? Buy packs of his artwork from him for just $5/pack! Sorority Slaughter House in High-Res, the Sword of Justice superheroine squad, plus huge packs of his previous artwork. A huge steal of a deal and all anonymous through Gumroad.
    Looking for a gore/peril/death erotica site? This is THE place to find them. Everything from solo artist webpages to community forums even my blog.

    Random fact - Templar ran a comprehensive community website index on his Necrobabes site years ago. He and I met when I messaged him about helping to update & maintain it.
    This is facebook for gore/peril/death-erotica fans. Membership is free and allows joining groups, sharing art, plus viewing lots and lots of really hot content from other members.
    A recent addition to Templar's offerings, being a patron here will get you early access to his art as well as, I think, access to a forum full of like-minded folks where his upcoming works are discussed, planned and such.
Templar's "thing" is a world of spies featuring a bevy of huge-busted villain girls that love flaunting their amazing assets, knowing no agent could ever put a bullet in them, only to then find out that Templar's perennial protagonist "Steele" and his fellow, foxy & frustrated, female agents have no such problems filling them with lead.

Additionally, Templar has created some gorgeous fantasy-world artwork featuring evil drow girls, sword-wielding barbarian babes and he has an entire storyline featuring a party of gorgeous adventurer babes tackling a horde of evil barbarian bimbos and their nearly-nude sorceress leader.

If you're a geek like me, you're probably already drooling.

Oh, and he takes commissions.

Go look this guy up and tell him I said hi!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Amazon Battle Art by Caldeo / madb1812

Like amazonian beauties? How about with spears in their tits and their guts splayed across the floor?

Me too! :oD

I was lucky enough to get in touch with the fabulous artist Caldeo/madb1812 about a commission amazon battle art piece and, well, wow.

Check this out.

Two teams engaging in some bloody sport as they chop each other apart to score points.

Both teams and all the girls are having a blast putting their gorgeous bodies on the line and littering the arena floor with their corpses.

If you're into bodypiles, there are even close-ups of the dead girls!

And, this is just a 'well-arranged sketch' - his finished work is even better!

You can find more of Caldeo's work on DeviantArt as well as at Templar's Sexyamazons as madb1812 - which is where you can find his more explicit art if that's your thing.

And, yes, he IS taking commissions.

Like this art? Message me at if you want higher-resolution copies of the above. No cost, but the full-size pics are thousands of pixels so posting them here is a bit silly.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Amazon Diner Waitress Commission by Jebriodo - Now with Colour!

I'm thrilled to have had a few waitress commission pieces done by the incomparable muscle artist Jebriodo in the last year. They have turned out magnificently and look like this:


To top that off, I have found that a fan of Jebriodo's work, by the name of Yatz, has taken one of my commissions and rendered it in living colour!

Here's a preview:

How does that look? Drooling yet? I know I am!

Jebriodo does buff & busty artwork like a god and is happy to take commissions so if you like the look of these pieces, definitely give him a shout.