Sunday, 14 October 2018

Live-streaming Art with Necrovert

Heard of Necrovert? He's the talented fantasy artist behind The Delve webcomic and a really nice Patreon featuring a measure of really amazing vore art.

He's live-streaming on Twitch right now and I'm in the room watching him draw and talking about dynamiting coral reefs.

Join the fracas!

Once it's all done it will end up archived to YouTube and I'll see if I can dig up a link.

It's done and I've dug up a link: 

You can't see the chatter that was going on during the drawing, but Necrovert reads most if it out loud so you can get a sense of what's happening.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Interactive Story - Fran's Fresh Forest Femmes - with 3D Art from Onix!

I'm a writer and I can also do a bit of code, so, when I got in touch with the 3D artist Onix (who can be found on Gurochan ...when it's up) who offered to do some art for a story or two, I jumped at the opportunity!

What does this mean?

It means one of my perverted stories you can read in a web-browser with images embedded in it.

I've done a few of these in some of my story bundles:
  • Meatgirls 01 - DOAX Volleyball & Steffie
  • Meatgirls 02 - Dzgith's Underdark Diner & Katie's Choice
  • Meatgirls 03 - Tit Frappe
  • Playthings 01 - Beach Show
But, this one has been cleaned-up and streamlined with pop-up image overlays, responsive design (it looks good on your phone!) and, well, it's a new story.

Plus, custom 3D art from Onix rather than me randomly grabbing images from the internet and hoping the artists won't notice.

They love that. :oP

The story is called "Fran's Fresh Forest Femmes" - it's a tale about a diner with waitresses on the menu (of course!) and with a new debreasting toy that gets put to use.


Here's a sample of Onix's art for the story

Interested now? :o)

You can download the story with this link: Fran's Fresh Forest Femmes (zip 5mb)


And fire away with some feedback - for me and Onix!


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Comic Commission - Jungle Plant Vore by Eateres

Some time ago I contacted the artist Eateres, a brilliant guy who does fabulous commission work, and he was AMAZING about creating a 3-page vore comic commission for me about a team of gorgeous research scientist babes eagerly feeding themselves to a hungry plant.

I just realized that Eateres also maintains a rather stellar Patreon page full of art as well. Check it out!

Scanning my blog for it today I realized that, while I'd posted it to my DA years ago, I'd never posted it here.

So, here goes:

Eateres was really professional about my commission. If you're ever looking for an artist who can adapt to requests and spell deadline, he's great!

So, what do you think? Hurl some invectives my way via posting below or!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Guillotine Trio Sample - inspired by AdmiralTerrenceHood of DA

I recently discovered the wonderful beheading art of Admiral Terrence Hood over on DA and, well, yum! Gorgeous girls who are willing, eager even, to get buckled into a grand 'ole guillotine and lose their heads.

Here's one image from one of several series' that he's done.

I pinged him to shower him with praise and we got to talking about things that, well, inspired me to do a bit of writing about lovely girls losing their pretty heads to a guillotine blade. Which is something I hardly ever write about.

**Guillotine Trio**

"Gwen!" Cried a delicate voice from across the busy beach party.

Turning to look, Gwen smiled and waved as she spotted her half-asian friend Kimmi. The slender Kimmi was standing near the base of the party's distinctive, and intoxicatingly scary, rosewood guillotine.

Admiring Kimmi's slender figure and full chest as it filled out her skimpy black bikini, complete with bunny tail and ears, Gwen smiled and gave her hips a little extra swing as she strode towards the pretty girl.

"Oh Gwen, you blonde bombshell!" Kimmi laughed, the shorter beauty bouncing up to Gwen and clapping as she ogled her gorgeous figure and red bikini.

"If you've got the look." Gwen grinned, cocking her sexy hips and posing to show off her toned abs, DD bust and pretty face with long blonde locks tied back in a beach-ready ponytail.

"And you absolutely do have that blonde bimbo look!" A new voice called out with a rich laugh.

"Bimbo? So rude Stacy!" Kimmi blurted, pouting at the amazingly busty redheaded newcomer in her matching green bikini.

"So true you mean my dear Kimmi!" The redhead grinned as she strode up with drinks in-hand. "Drinks anyone?" She asked, offering.

Taking one of the cool drinks Gwen took a drink and purred as the sweet cool slid down her throat, cooling her as the sun beat down on her smooth skin.

"So girls," Kimmi cooed, leaning against the smooth frame of the rosewood guillotine, "are we ready to be bunnies?"

"Beautiful bunnies?" Gwen giggled, stretching and posing to show off her full breasts and toned body, and even giving her shapely bum a wiggle to flaunt her white bunny tail.

"Busty bunnies?" Stacy drawled, smirking as she squeezed her great big boobs together.

"Yes! The best bunnies!" Kimmi grinned, clapping her hands eagerly.

"So, ready to put on a bunny show girls?" Gwen asked, nipples stiff and slender neck tingling as she spoke.

Kimmi swallowed nervously, but nodded. Stacy simply took another drink.

"W-who would be willing to go first?" Kimmi asked, biting her lip nervously as her gaze flicked from the tall rosewood guillotine to Stacy and then Gwen.

"I say we draw stra-" Gwen started.

"I'll do it." Stacy interrupted, her large breasts thrust out and jiggling deliciously as she stepped forward. "On one condition." She added, smirking as Kimmi and Gwen stared at her gorgeous figure.

That's not the whole story - let me know if you'd like to see the rest of it!


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Busty Babe Pr0n Game by Darkhound1! (Also; I am a terrible person)

I've been enjoying the busty babe 3d artwork of Darkhound1 for a while now and, if you like gorgeous girls with really big boobs, you should definitely check him out!

Darkhound1 also runs a Patreon account where he is rendering and coding an AMAZING pr0n game featuring an island full of beauties to seduce and play with. You can get them into skimpy outfits, convince them to strip for you, play strip poker with them, have sex with most of them and get up to all kinds of delicious fun with the island full of girls.

The game is called Holiday Island and not only is it packed with babes to lust after, it's also continuously under development and, if you're a $10+ supporter on Darkhound1's Patreon, you get to vote on what gets worked on next!

He recently released an image featuring a bevy of his digital babes showing off their goods on the beach and I, as a horrible human being, photoshopped some wordage onto these unsuspecting beauties to indicate that they're up to things I would like them to be doing.

As a note: Darkhound1 is not, in any way, interested in this sort of content. I talk to him some and he seems weirded out by it. So, this isn't something he supports or is even aware of.

Heck, tell him I've done this and he'd probably be irritated with me.

But, in the interim, check out these beauties, check out Darkhound1's game and please do support him on Patreon! It's totally worth the $10/month, even though you can download the game for free.

Of the island girls I'm partial to Yvette, Faye and Ivy because, well, huge boobs. I haven't played much since Natasha was added to the island but she also looks good.

Also, which of his girls is your favourite? Comment below or drop me an email at:!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Story - Evisceration Party - Brazilian Beauty (cons, evisceration)

I've been working on a series of stories set in an 'Evisceration Party' setting where all the attendees are eager to show off their toned selves and, well, get eviscerated.

This chapter came to me after spotting the attached image over on a fit-girls tumblr I follow.

Also, apologies if I get anything about the girl's ethnicity wrong. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper white and will admit to not always getting the details right on this sort of thing. Ping me any corrections at: and I'll be happy to update the story.

Edit - I am, as warned, a bit of an idiot. The beauty in question is Juliana Mota and she is Brazilian.


Sarah watched in amazement as the gorgeously buff Brazilian beauty licked her dark-lipsticked lips and gyrated her hips, eyes locked on Sarah as though the dance was for her and her alone. As the gorgeously muscular girl writhed sensually, setting her defined abs to rippling as she rolled her hips and weaved her arms, gesturing invitingly at the spectacle of her body as though to invite Sarah to ogle it.

And Sarah did, slowly tracing her eyes along the girl's sexy curves - from her modest bust to the lines of her rippling abs and curvy hips down to her strong legs and, as a sexy spin revealed, toned ass.

"Like what you see?..." The beauty purred as she stepped up close to Sarah and continued gyrating to show herself off.

"Oh hells yes, you're a piece of work!" Sarah breathed, eyes alight as she slowly reached for the girl's hips.

"Bet I'll feel even better than I look." The dusky-skinned girl cooed as she thrust her hip into Sarah's hand, grinding them sensually, and stretching her arms up high to present the curves and lines of her sculpted body to Sarah.

"Mmm... Oh, so true." Sarah moaned, stroking the smooth-skin of the girl's sculpted figure with her left hand. As she did, she drew her knife-wielding right hand closer and ran one finger down the girl's defined abs.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Story - Moray Munch (cock-vore, lesbian, futa, asphyx)

Here's a quick tale of cock-vore, futa sex and underwater asphyxiation that came to me after watching a silly video about someone who made friends with a great big eel.


Because my brain turns everything into gory pornography.

Even trying to play a game of Pokemon turns into a series, an actually bloody series, of stories about fantasy-duelers who risk their cocks, balls and great big tits on battles.

Also, even playing Star Control II gets turned into pr0n in my head!

Now, without further ado, the regularly-scheduled pr0n.

"Why are we diving around this chunk of coral again Amber?" Jenny asked as she swam along behind her gorgeous blonde friend.

"I'm here to meet up with an old friend of mine." Amber replied, grinning over her shoulder at her sexy brunette futa friend as the pair swam, naked save for scuba gear and full-face breathing masks that looked almost like lean space helmets. "And here we are!"

"Oh? It's... I don't see anybody babe. Well, other than your sexy ass." Jenny grinned as she swam up alongside Amber, wrapped an arm around her and casually let her thickening cock press into Amber's side.

"There she is!" Amber blurted, thrusting a finger towards a small cave entrance just off the sandy ocean floor as a great big spotted moray eel slowly poked its head out.

"Oh? Oh wow!" Jenny remarked, admiring the impressive-looking eel uncertainly. Then she felt Amber's hand wrap around her thick cock and her uncertainty faded to a lusty moan as her dick grew to its full 16" length. "Unnhhh... Babe, so good... B-but... a moray?"

"Yes!" Amber grinned as she swam closer to the moray's cave entrance, pulling Jenny along by her thick cock. "I come out here every year and bring her a treat. I've been doing this for years and now she recognizes me."

"A trea-oh!" Jenny blurted as Amber guided her, cock-first, towards the moray's cave. "OH!" She gasped, cock surging as it was presented to the giant moray.