Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hanging Out - Chapter 05 - Toy Table Games

*Chapter_05 - Toy Table Games*

They reached the bar and Amerie had just squeezed her way past a pair of tale pale blondes who were making out on one of the stools when Kaylee piped up from the back of the group.

"Wait! Wait girls! I have an idea - follow me."

"What is it Kay- Hey! Wait up!" Kirsten asked, grabbing Amerie by the arm and pulling as the slender young beauty's bulging breasts and toned body slipped into the party crowd.

Seconds later they found themselves staring at a familiar site.

"The Toy Table?..." Amerie asked, stepping up behind Kaylee who was grinning eagerly as she stared at the table and the two occupants.

First was the buff blonde from earlier - her toned body and bulging breasts proudly displayed for the partygoers who were wandering by.

Next to her was the hardbodied redhead from earlier, her big breasts and incredible abs glistening in the low light of the club.

"Hey girls..." The blonde called out, nearly sloshing her drink as she waved at the four of them. "Come to find a toy? Terri and I would love to be your playthings..." She purred.

"...and we wouldn't even mind if you played rough and broke us..." The redhead added, winking at the four as she twisted her hips and thrust her big tits out.

"Wow..." Kirsten breathed as she ogled the pair.

"Yeah! Aren't they so hot?" Kaylee blurted, her hands eagerly clasped between her big tits.

"Mmm... yes... They make me want to reach out and strangle one with my bare hands..." Mina purred, reaching one arm around Kaylee's shoulder and giving her plump breasts a grope.

"That would be something new..." The blonde muttered. "What do you say Terri, your kind of hand-job?"

"Oh yes..." The redhead teased, running her fingers along her slender neck. "I think Jo and I would really enjoy that..."

"God you two are hot!" Amerie blurted.

"They are aren't they?" Kaylee enthused before stepping up to the table. "So come on, let's join them!" She grinned, plunking her toned ass down into a chair.

"...what?" Amerie asked, stunned.

"You heard me," Kaylee grinned, thrusting her tits out as Terri smiled at her and gave her boobs a grope, "let's all have a seat at the Toy Table. It'll be so exciting, and we get free drinks!"

"She's right you know!" Jo grinned. "You can drink all you want, as long as you stay put for at least 30 minutes per drink. I've had eight so far, but I've only been here for an hour - what do you think are my chances of making it another three? Not good I say!" She laughed, spilling her drink across her full bust as she did.

"Whoops! Better make that three and a half." Terri giggled as she beckoned for a nearby staffgirl.

"Thirty minutes isn't bad, plus it is pretty exciting..." Kirsten muttered, nipples tingling at the thought of being available as a plaything for anybody to snap up. "Sign me up!" She grinned, grabbing a seat at the table.

"Oh hell, me too." Amerie muttered, grinning excitedly as she plunked her busty bod down at the table and felt a flush wash over herself as she realized she was now on display like a piece of meat.

Mina didn't say anything, she just smirked as she claimed the last seat.

"Yay!!!" Kaylee squealed, fists raised in triumph as all her friends joined her. "This is so awesome girls!"

"Yes it is! I've never seen the Toy Table so full." The curvy black staffgirl grinned as she sauntered her busty bod up to the table. "So, what can I get you gorgeous girls to drink?" She asked with a bright smile.

"Another of my usual." Jo grinned, holding up her empty glass.

"Me too." Terri added, taking her half-empty drink and pouring the contents across her bust. "...because I think I need a new drink too..." She smiled as the strong drink cascaded down her huge boobs and sculpted six-pack, making them glisten.

"Oooh..." Kirsten purred, reaching out to stroke Terri's body and grinning happily as the buff redhead thrust her sculpted abs and big tits into her grasp. "Damn! It even feels fantastic!" Kirsten breathed.

"Mmm... Yes it does..." Terri purred, biting her lip as her tits were mauled and her abs fondled.

The two quickly embraced, kissing and grinding their busty bodies together as they ignored the pounding music of the club around them.

"Mmm... Fuck you're hot..." Kirsten muttered as the pair came up for air.

"She'll be even hotter after a few drinks." Amerie grinned, shoving a pair of drinks between them.

"Oooh... Thanks!" Terri chirped, claiming her drink and giving Kirsten a wink as she sat down in her seat.

"Awesome, good call Am." Kirsten said as she sipped her tasty drink.

"And it's a double." Amerie grinned as she sat down and sipped her own drink.

Kirsten grinned and dropped back into her seat, winking at Terri as the hot redhead teased her by flicking her own nipples 'til they were stiff then dipping them in her drink.

The pair were flirting and the entire table was having a lot of fun when a quartet of buff, big-titted, dark-haired beauties stepped out of the crowd and sauntered up to the table.

"Hey Nina, check out the selection..." The first breathed, ogling the gaggle of girls sitting around the table.

"Wow Susan! And I was worried about being able to get four girls for our game." The tallest of the girls proclaimed.

"Oh, no shortage of toys for you here ladies - see anything you'd like to snap up?" Jo teased, flaunting her busty body at the four of them.

"Boy do I..." A stocky dark-haired girl muttered, absently squeezing her own big tits as she eyed the six girls at the table - her gaze fixating on Kaylee who grinned and stuck her tits out eagerly.

"Got yours picked out Dawn?" Nina asked the stocky girl.

"Yep. You, c'mere!" The muscular babe grinned, curling one finger at Kaylee who giggled eagerly and slurped the last of her drink as she rose to her feet and pranced over.

"Have fun!" Kirsten whispered to Kaylee, giving her hand a squeeze as the eager young beauty sauntered up to the muscular babe and squeaked as she was grabbed in a bust-crushing hug.

"Ok, Daria, got yours?" Nina asked with a grin as the whipcord-slender member of their group stepped forward. The girl's body rippled with lean muscle as she oozed forward, snakelike, and put her hand on Kirsten.

"You..." Purred the slim beauty, gazing down past her bulbous breasts at Kirsten's gorgeously curvy body and huge tits.

Kirsten gasped, pussy spasming and tits tingling as she was chosen. "M-me? Oh wow..." She breathed, standing up and presenting her buff bod to the slim girl.

"Yes... you'll do nicely..." Daria muttered as she circled Kirsten, ogling her toned bod, fine ass and huge orbs.

"I'm taking this one!" The first raven-haired girl piped in as she picked Terri.

"Oh yeah?" Terri retorted, a twinkle in her eye.

"Yeah!" The girl chirped back.

"Awesome!" Terri crowed, leaping at the busty babe and throwing her arms around her. "Thanks for picking me - I can't wait to do... well whatever you'd like!" She chirped, grinning eagerly as she ground their tits together.

"Ha-ha! Looks like you've got a lively one Lisa." Nina grinned as she surveyed the girls. "Now I'll take..."

"Me?" Mina offered, rising up and posing to present her pale body wreathed in dark tattoos and high-riding melons.

"Mmm... Yes. Yes indeed!" Nina said, holding out her hand with a grin.

Mina took Nina's hand and smirked as she was pulled into a tight embrace.

"Oooh... nice and firm..." Nina purred as she ground her body into Mina's, cupping and stroking the pale curves of her smooth flesh as she did.

"Mmm... I'm glad you like it..." Mina moaned.

"Ok girls, we have our toys - let's go play!" Nina called, leading the group of girls away from the Toy Table.

Amerie was left feeling vaguely anxious, until Jo slid up to her and casually drizzled her drink across her hefty bust. "Oops! Better let me clean that up for you..." Jo giggled as she cupped Amerie's big tits, teasing her nipples with her thumbs as she began licking them clean.

"So, what's the game?" Kirsten asked eagerly as she, Kaylee, Mina and Terri were lead through the thumping crowd of gorgeous naked girls.

"Oh, who cares! It'll be great fun, while we last." Terri giggled as she helped the babe leading her on get a firm grip on her tits.

The pack arrived at the club's main gallows and climbed up onto the big stage just as the hanging bodies of three buff and busty blondes were hooked to the overhead cables for a once-around the club before joining the growing throng of dangling beauties at the entry.

"Mmm... wow... that could be us soon..." Kaylee's muscular beauty muttered as she groped Kaylee's curvy form.

"Wow... We'll look so hot..." Kaylee breathed, pulse racing and tits tingling as she realized how many gorgeous girls were watching her get fondled.

"Ok," Nina started, "the game is a cum-off. Grab your partner and have some fun - the first girl in each pair to pop off goes to the noose and gets bound up. Then they get to watch as the rest of us play until four of us are ready for the big drop." Her eyes shone excitedly as she gazed at the gorgeous bodies ready to play. "The partner of the first girl to cum gets to pick who to drop first. Once the first four have stopped kicking, pair off again and we play another round, then another round until there's just one of us left!"

"Yeah!" Shouted the stocky and muscular Dawn, squeezing Kaylee's slender bod and big tits as she ogled the four ready nooses.

"Oh wow..." Kirsten breathed, tits tingling from excitement as much as from the sensation of the slender Daria licking and nibbling on her nipples.

"Are you ready to hang those big tits of yours?..." Daria purred from the depths of Kirsten's cleavage.

"I guess so - they sure will look good when I drop won't they?"

"Mmm... almost as good as they taste..." Daria muttered as she gently bit down on Kirsten's smooth-skinned mounds.

"Daria! Down girl, save it for the contest!" Nina barked good-naturedly. "Did you all get the rules girls? I want to make sure you know them in case I pop off in round one." She grinned.

"Yeah, first to cum gets the noose, first pair to cum gets to pick the first drop. Rinse and repeat for each round until only one of us is left standing and the rest of us are a cool collection of gorgeously hung busty beauties. Right?" Terri asked with a big grin as Lisa ran her fingernails down the smooth skin of her sculpted abs.

"Got it! Ok, go for it girls." Nina cried, wrapping one arm around Mina's pale body and pulling the busty tattoed goth in for a lip-crushing kiss with plenty of tongue.

"Mmm... God this is going to be good..." Kirsten purred as she and Daria pressed their big tits together, wrapped their arms around each other and pulled. Both girls moaned as they squeezed their breasts together and made their huge mounds bulge and strain as their tingling nipples were ground together.

"C'mere girl! I'm gonna squeeze those tits of yours until they pop!" Dawn grunted, grinning as she pulled Kaylee's giggling and wriggling form into a tight embrace that let her squeeze the slender beauty's bulging tits fiercely.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh..." Kaylee gasped as the muscular Dawn squeezed her big tits and roughly played with her tender nipples. "Yes! Ohfuck that feels good. God, I need a taste of your pussy while you do that..." She muttered, wriggling her way upside-down in Dawn's grip so she could bury her face in the buff girl's bald pussy while still keeping her throbbing tits available for convenient mauling.

"Mmm... You're going to be fun aren't you?..." Nina purred as she wrapped one arm around Mina's pale body and started tugging on her nipples.

"Mmm... I sure hope so..." Mina moaned, arching her back to present her tits for abuse. "But... I have something for you..." She grinned, holding up her SensoBlast sample package.

"Oh?" Nina asked, eyeing the package with interest. "What does it do?"

"It's a surprise. You'll just have to kneel down and trust me..." Mina said, reaching up to Nina's shoulder and easing the tall beauty down to her knees. "Hands behind your back." Mina urged.

"Oooh... This sounds exciting..." Nina grinned, clasping her hands behind her back and gasping as Mina pulled out two great big syringes.

"Hold still now." Mina said, a wicked grin on her lips as she pressed the syringes to Nina's erect nipples.

"...Ok..." Nina said slowly, her nipples tingling and pussy throbbing as she submitted to Mina's commands. "Unghf!..." She grunted, biting her lip as Mina plunged the syringes deep into the mass of her huge tits.

"It's going to hurt for a second." Mina said as she pumped the SensoBlast into Nina's huge orbs and the buff beauty's eyes bulged in shock.

"Eaaargh!..." Nina howled, arching her back and shuddering in pain as her tits lit up. She kept her hands clasped and her chest thrust out though and recovered her composure in time to watch Mina slip the syringes out of her tits and back into the case. "Oh wow..." She panted, feeling a strange tingling deep in her massive bust.

"Now for the best part." Mina grinned, squeezing a dollop of SensoBlast into each of her gloved hands and pressing the cool goop onto Nina's tits.

"Ohhh... Oh that is nice..." Nina moaned, hips writhing gently as Mina rubbed the clear goo into her smooth skin.

"That's the libido-boosters and nerve stimulators going to work." Mina grinned. "They turn everything up to 11."

"Oh god... that feels incredible..." Nina gasped as Mina pinched her nipples. "...please..." She moaned, thrusting her bald pussy forward.

"Of course..." Mina purred, cupping a dollop of SensoBlast into Nina's pussy and gently massaging the sauce deep into her pussy.

Nina's passionate cry of ecstacy as her pussy was deeply penetrated filled the stage and made everybody pause their own glorious revelries to eye the pair.

"Wow..." Lisa muttered, looking up from her 69 with Terri. Terri glanced over and grinned as she watched the busty Nina shudder her way through an intense orgasm, but never let up licking away at Lisa's delicious pussy and was rewarded with a gush of cum as the chirpy brunette beauty erupted into a squeaking orgasmic fit that made her big tits dance and rub against Terri's fantastic abs delightfully.

"Mmm... Look at that..." Daria purred, looking up from straddling Kirsten's gorgeous body and grinding their tits together.

"Wow... Looks like they're having a lot of fun - and we all get to watch Nina's big tits hang too! Fuck that's gonna be hot..." Kirsten muttered, one hand squeezing Daria's bulging tits and her other trailing down the wiry beauty's toned belly to tease her bald pussy.

"Mmm... Yesss... I'm going to like watching her drop..." Daria moaned, giving a slight shudder as Kirsten slid two fingers into her tight slit.

"I bet she'll hang really well..." Kirsten moaned, pumping her fingers into Daria's pussy and groping the toned babe's big tits with her other hand.

"Yess..." Daria hissed, arching her back to thrust her tits into Kirsten's grip.

"I bet she'd hang almost as well as you..." Kirsten purred, slipping another finger into Daria's pussy. "God you'll be a treat to hang - your tits are so hot and your body is so fucking tight." She grinned slyly as Daria panted, her big tits rising and falling with each shuddering breath. "I bet you'll take forever to hang..." Kirsten breathed.

"Y-y-y-yYEEESSS!!!" Daria cried, throwing her arms wide and leaning her aching tits into Kirsten's grip as her hips bucked and shuddered as an explosive orgasm rocked her slim and muscular body.

"Oh yeah..." Dawn grunted as she leaned against the wall, supporting Kaylee in a standing 69 with one hand and roughly groping the young beauty's firm tits with her other. "Fuck she's coming hard..." She groaned, writhing her hips into Kaylee's probing tongue before diving back into the tongue work herself.

Hanging from Dawn's muscular arms Kaylee shuddered with delight as she was crushed against the muscular babe. The sensation of being pinned helplessly thrilled her almost as much as the electric tingles that Dawn's fierce mauling sent rippling through her bulging breasts. These, combined with the added pleasure of Dawn diving back into her spasming muff pushed Kaylee over the edge into a thrashing squealing orgasm.

Dawn grunted with pleasure as she lapped at Kaylee's pussy and squeezed the wriggling babe against her, moaning with pleasure as the slender beauty's writhing made her own tits tingle excitedly and sent an electric pulse down to her pussy that instantly exploded in another orgasm.

"I think I just won..." Nina gasped, blinking slowly as she looked around in stunned amazement at the cheering crowd and the gaggle of panting orgasmic beauties scattered across the stage. "Ohhh... wow that was good..." She groaned, staring down at her huge breasts then up at Mina. "Thank you..." She grinned.

"You're welcome." Mina purred as she rose to her feet. "Now, get up!" She commanded, grabbing Nina by the chin and hauling the tall beauty to her feet. "We have to get this gorgeous body of yours noosed up so your tits can hang."

"Oooh... Yes mistress." Nina grinned excitedly as Mina lead her to the first of the nooses.

With expert skill, Mina swiftly bound Nina's hands behind her back, slipped a noose around her neck and pulled it tight.

"There." She said, stepping back and giving Nina's tall fit body an appraising ogle.

"Like what you see?" Nina asked, twisting to flaunt her hot body and huge tits.

"I sure do!" Lisa blurted cheerfully as Terri lead her up to the second noose.

"One last grope?" Terri invited, posing to flaunt her toned body, big tits and sculpted abs.

"Yeah!" Lisa grinned, giving Terri's body a last lingering caress before obediently stepping under the noose and clasping her hands behind her back. "Ok, I'm ready." She said, taking a calming breath as her body tingled excitedly.

"Wow, you look great with your tits sticking out like that!" Nina exclaimed once Lisa's hands had been bound.

"Thanks! Yours look fantastic too - it's like they're bigger than ever."

"They are." Mina said. "The SensoBlast makes your tits swell up."

"Wow... they look great!" Lisa said.

"They feel fantastic too." Nina said with a grin. "They're so sensitive - even the smallest thing makes me feel like I'm going to cuUUMMM!" Her explanation turned into a knee-weakening orgasmic cry as Mina grabbed her tits, gave the fleshy orbs a squeeze and ran her tongue across both stiff nipples.

"Wow..." Daria muttered, stepping under the third noose as Terri pulled Lisa's noose tight.

"Hands back now." Kirsten said, grinning as she watched Nina hang for a few seconds before recovering her feet.

Daria complied, almost eagerly, striking a chest-outthrust pose and crossing her arms behind her back.

"Mmm... very nice..." Terri purred, admiring Daria's lean and toned body as Kirsten bound her hands back and slipped her noose on.

"Not as nice as mine though!" Dawn laughed, flexing her muscular bod as she plunked Kaylee down under the fourth noose.

"Yeah, but are you about to hang? Nuh-uh! That puts her miles ahead of you in my books." Terri grinned.

"Well I'm about to, how hot am I?" Kaylee blurted, brushing her purple bangs out of her eyes and striking an eager pose under the noose.

"Oooh! Very cute, and whatta bod! I dig the muscles though - you're super fit, but Dawn... Growrrr..." Terri purred, licking her lips and absently squeezing Lisa's tits as she stared at Dawn.

"Awww... Well I think I'm going to look great when I hang!" Kaylee said as Dawn bound her hands behind her back, gave her nipples a tug and slipped her noose on.

"There we go, all lined up and ready to drop." Dawn said, tugging Kaylee's noose tight before stepping back and admiring the line-up of girls.

"Oh wow, this is so exciting..." Lisa squeaked delightedly.

"Yeah! I can't believe I'm actually going to hang in front of such a huge audience..." Kaylee breathed, staring wide-eyed at the club full of gorgeous girls, half of who were watching the action on the stage.

"Man, this club rocks!" Terri said with a grin. "So, uh..."

"Me first." Mina announced, walking along the line of beauties and appraising them all. "Hmm... You do look good in a noose Kaylee..." She purred, stroking the purple-haired beauty's cheek with one hand.

"Just wait 'til you see me drop!" Kaylee chirped.

"Why wait." Mina asked, grabbing the drop lever and giving it a pull.

"Oh wo-URGHK!" Kaylee blurted, eyes going wide as the trap door beneath her fell away and she plunged down a few feet before coming to an abrupt stop as her noose went taut.

The crowd gasped and everybody's eyes were locked on Kaylee as the busty beauty hung.

She twisted from side-to-side, tits bouncing and slim body shuddering as she hung - the smooth noose around her neck cutting off her air as it slowly ended her life.

Kaylee's gurgling gasps were amplified through the entire club thanks to the pickup mics under the stage. The sexy curves of her twitching and shuddering body, jiggling boobs and gently kicking legs were captured by a half-dozen cameras and played across the huge monitors on the club walls, giving everybody a chance to watch the gorgeous girl die.

"She's really enjoying herself!" Dawn hissed to Kirsten as the pair watched Kaylee's trembling lips and stiff nipples.

"Just wait until Nina hangs, every time her tits bounce she'll cum." Kirsten hissed back, winking at Dawn as the muscular beauty's eyes bulged.

Standing bare feet away from Kaylee as she hung, Mina moaned with pleasure at the sight. Reaching out she cupped one of Kaylee's big tits with one hand, squeezing it as she slipped her other hand between her legs and stroked her own clit.

"Mmm... yes girl, hang for me..." Mina purred as Kaylee's struggles became weaker. After a few short minutes of her sexy body dangling from the end of a noose, Kaylee began to fade fast. "You are gorgeous..." Mina growled softly, giving Kaylee's nipple a savage pinch that startled the nearly-dead beauty into one last look around. A smile crossed her lips as she gazed at Mina one last time, then her eyes went blank and she slumped - dead at last.

The crowd erupted in applause and Mina shuddered as she was rocked by a wave of orgasmic pleasure that dropped her to her knees.

"Good show!" Terri applauded. "Now it's my turn though." She grinned, turning to look at the three girls.

"Oh I DO like you and those fabulous lean abs of yours." She teased, stepping up to Daria and stroking the smooth skin of her incredibly toned belly. "They aren't as buff as mine," she flexed her rippling six-pack to demonstrate, "but they're damn nice. Mind if I hang you next?"

"You can do whatever you want..." Daria replied with a faint grin.

"Great!" Terri squeaked, grabbing the lever and giving it a yank.

Daria didn't even flinch as she dropped two feet and jerked to a halt, her firm tits bobbing gently as the noose around her neck pulled tight and cut off her air.

Emitting a low groan of pleasure, Daria began to hang. She kept her toned body perfectly still until her firm tits had stopped bobbing, then she licked her lips and began flexing her body. The audience hushed and Terri gasped in delight as Daria writhed her lean legs and toned body through a series of erotic snake-like motions with the skill of a dancer.

"Oh wow..." Terri breathed, squeezing her tingling nipples as she watched Daria writhe at the end of her noose.

Daria paused her dance for a moment, winked at Terri, then swung her legs up and over her shoulders - squeezing her tits between them and making the smooth-skinned mounds bulge.

The audience gasped as Daria locked her heels behind her head and thrust her bare pussy out invitingly. Staring at Terri she grinned as she made a slow licking motion.

"I think she wants you to give her a send-off..." Kirsten whispered to Terri.

"Ah!" Terri gasped, grinning broadly as she stepped up to Daria. "Gods you're fantastic!" She breathed, reaching up and giving her nipples a tweak before diving into Daria's pussy with her eager tongue.

Daria emitted a low groan of pleasure as Terri devoured her cunt, lapping at her juicy pussy and stroking her throbbing clit like a pro. Well into her third minute of hanging, Daria's head was swimming and every little sensation was magnified. The intense pleasure of Terri's tongue combined with the sensation of squeezing her breasts between her thighs built up until, with a sigh of ecstacy she exploded in orgasm - the white-hot pleasure erupting from her clit and flooding her with pleasure. By the time she'd stopped shuddering, she was a corpse.

"Oh. My. GOD! That was so friggen incredible!!!" Terri squealed as she rose up, wiping the last of Daria's pussy juices from her chin as she ogled the dangling beauty's still body.

The collective astonished muttering from the crowd quickly erupted into a thunderstorm of applause for Daria's final moments.

"Wow... I don't think we can top that can we Nina?" Lisa asked.

"No way - but we could both hang at the same time!" Nina replied.

"Oooh... Would you mind?" Lisa asked Dawn and Kirsten.

Kirsten and Dawn grinned and grabbed the two levers.

"Ready girls?" Kirsten asked.

Both girls nodded, nipples tingling excitedly as they readied to hang.

Kirsten and Dawn hauled the levers back simultaneously, dropping both girls to the ends of their rope.

"Urghk!" Lisa squeaked, full breasts bobbing and bouncing as she jerked to a halt.

"Unghk!" Nina grunted, thrusting her chest out to make her huge orbs jiggle enticingly as she came to a halt.

Lisa moaned with pleasure as she felt her melons bounce, but Nina exploded with a hip-thrusting, booty-shaking, tit-shaking orgasm the second her boobs began to bounce.

"The SensoBlast." Mina said with a grin as she watched Nina's gorgeous body and huge tits writhe madly in the throes of an unending orgasm.

"Holy crap!" Dawn blurted, hands straying to her nipples and giving them a pinch as she watched Nina jiggle. "God that looks like fun..." She moaned.

"Oh does it now?..." Mina purred, running one pale hand across Dawn's firm bust.

Kirsten gaped, watching the two girls hang in the middle of the club with pounding party music all around and a rowdy crowd hooting and hollering their delight at the stage show. It was an incredible feeling and she could barely imagine how Lisa and Nina felt as the main attraction.

The girls hung for several minutes, Lisa writhing gently as she slowly faded and Nina rocking about like a one-girl orgy - her hips bucking, pussy spasming and her huge tits sending rippling cascades of pleasure through her body with each bounce as the great orbs bounced around on her chest to the delight of everyone watching.

Then, barely four minutes after they had started, they were done. Lisa hung quietly, a faint sigh escaping her smiling lips as she expired. Nina's face wore a mask of absolute rapture even in death - her explosive orgasms diminishing only seconds before her gorgeous body gave out and she slumped in death.

"GodDAMN." Dawn exclaimed, one arm around Mina. "Ok girls, that's it round two! Go ahead and pick your partner. Mind you, I've already grabbed Mina so your choices are a bit slim." She chuckled, winking at Kirsten and Terri.

"Oh, that's no problem..." Kirsten muttered, running one hand along Terri's fine abs and giving the redhead's nipples a tweak.

"Oh goody..." Terri giggled. "I'd hate to be a disappointment..." She teased, gasping in delight as her nipples were tugged.

The pair grinned eagerly as they mashed their bulging tits together in a tight embrace, locking lips and moaning as their tongues entwined. Kirsten was pulling Terri's hips into hers when she happened to glance over at Dawn and Mina.

Mina had both her and Kaylee's SensoBlast kits open and had plunged the syringes deep into Dawn's firm breasts. The muscular beauty grunted, buff body straining against the sudden pain as twin injections of the goo flooded her big tits.

Kirsten grinned as she saw this, then her eyebrows shot up as she watched Mina refill the syringes and plunge them into her own full breasts. The goth beauty shuddered as her mounds were pierced and gave Kirsten a sly wink before pumping her tits full of SensoBlast.

A hip-twist from Terri spun Kirsten to the ground and she suddenly found herself with the gorgeous redhead's stiff nipples jammed in her face and her sculpted abs rubbing against her full breasts so she didn't notice what came next.

"Oh wow..." Dawn groaned, caressing her swollen breasts as she felt the tingling spread from the core of her tits. "That does feel fantastic..."

"Mmm... yeah..." Mina breathed as she slid the syringes out of her nipples. "Now for the best part." She purred, grabbing the tube of SensoBlast and squeezing two big dollops onto her tingling nipples. "Bring those big titties of yours over here..." Mina called, curling one finger at Dawn.

The muscular beauty slid over to Mina with her tits thrust out and gasped as Mina slammed their busts together.

"Ahhh... that's nice..." Dawn gasped as Mina ground their tits together, smearing the clear goo across their smooth orbs. "Fuck yeah!" Dawn blurted as she watched Mina slather SensoBlast on her hand and reach for her pussy - she thrust her bald slit out and groaned with pleasure as Mina thrust two fingers into her pussy. "Come on, give me a fistfull too..." She moaned, holding out one hand.

Mina complied, squeezing goo onto Dawn's hand. Then she gasped as Dawn wrapped an arm around her slim belly and hauled her off the ground with their tits still smashed together.

"Wha? Oh!" Mina gasped as Dawn's hand slipped between her legs and she felt a finger probing her anus.

"That's right babe, get ready to take it..." Dawn muttered with a grin.

Mina shuddered as Dawn's probing finger slipped into her ass and began working back and forth. Groaning with pleasure as the SensoBlast made her ass tingle, she leaned in and kissed Dawn, crushing their lips together and thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

Dawn grunted with pleasure and, with a mighty flex that made both girls' tits bulge as they were squeezed together, thrust her entire fist into Mina's ass.

The goth beauty's eyes bulged and she cried out with passion as she was mightily violated, Dawn's well-lubed fist filling her ass with an incredible mix of sensations as Dawn flexed her fingers inside her ass.

"How's that feel babe?" Dawn growled softly, giving Mina's pale orbs a long lick as the goth beauty gasped and shuddered.

"OhhoOOOOhhoooOHhhh..." Mina moaned, head thrashing, huge breasts tingling and ass alight with sensations. Suddenly she threw her head back and unleashed an unearthly howl of passion, crying to the heavens as her clit erupted with a white-hot nova of pleasure.

Dawn gasped as Mina's hips bucked and shuddered, her ass clenching and spasming around her wrist so hard she almost wrenched it free for fear of losing it. "God damn..." She breathed in awe as Mina came so hard she blacked out, slumping in Dawn's tight embrace.

"" Kirsten and Terri breathed as they glanced up from their own lovemaking.

"No shit!" Dawn blurted with a fierce grin. "It felt like she was going to rip my hand off." She chuckled as she slid her hand free from Mina's ass and marveled at both her ability to move her fingers and how it was perfectly clean.

"...that's the device on the bathroom wall..." Mina muttered as she slowly regained consciousness.

"Ahhh..." Dawn muttered. "Damn girl, that was hardcore - you came so hard!"

"And I'll do it again and again when you hang me too." Mina purred as she rose to her feet unsteadily.

The pair turned to watch as Kirsten and Terri continued to writhe together, their busty bodies entwined as they licked, nibbled and teased each other's toned bodies. Amidst the jumble of long limbs, huge breasts and pleasurable moans, Terri was taking particular delight in Kirsten stroking her rock-hard abs.

"Mmm... Oh that feels nice..." She panted, coming up from Kirsten's well-licked pussy for air as Kirsten stroked her abs, tracing her fingers along the countours of each muscle as she buried her own face in Terri's pussy.

Wriggling free of their 69, Kirsten manhandled Terri to her knees with her sculpted belly facing the audience. Laying on her back between Terri's knees, Kirsten pulled her dripping cunt down onto her face and dug in.

Terri gasped with delight as Kirsten's tongue went to work on her pussy and arched her back, moaning with even greater pleasure as Kirsten reached up and groped both her firm tits and the toned expanse of her abs.

"Yeahhh..." Terri moaned, grabbing her ankles with her hands and thrusting her chest and belly into Kirsten's grip. "Go on babe, do it, do anything you want..."

Kirsten grinned with delight at the splendid view as she devoured Terri's pussy and stared up past her rippling abs to her huge knockers. As she manhandled the gorgeous redhead's body she felt the beginnings of an orgasmic shudder ripple through Terri's hips and moaned in anticipation of being at ground zero for a great big cum.

"Ohfu-! Oh Fu!... Oh FUUUUCK!!!" Terri cried as her clit erupted in orgasm and her muscular body surged with pleasure. Every muscle in her defined body stood out as she clenched her teeth and rocked along with the pulsing waves of ecstacy radiating out from her throbbing clit.

Kirsten grabbed Terri's tits as she began to convulse, dug her thumbs into the tender nipples and squeezed the mounds together - using the firm globes as handholds as she struggled to keep her face buried in Terri's pussy as it erupted with orgasmic shudders.

"Oh god... Wow..." Terri gasped as she slowly came down from her explosive orgasm. "That felt so good..." She groaned, smiling down at Kirsten who was still pinned between her thighs.

"Mmmfrlmmm!" Kirsten mumbled past Terri's engorged labia.

"Oooh! That felt nice - say that again." Terri chirped.


"Oh! Wow, mmm... So, I suppose you want to hang these big tits of mine now don't you?" Terri asked brightly, cupping her jutting mounds.

"Mhhr mnt!" Kirsten mumbled.

"Well, it sounds like a great plan to me - I was wondering when someone would finally string me up! Come on and let's get me noosed." Kirsten said brightly, hopping to her feet and helping Kirsten up.

"Mmm... you're tasty..." Kirsten purred, giving Terri a big kiss before leading her to the second noose.

"Hi! Gosh you look great with that around your neck." Terri gushed as she ogled Mina's pale bod, tits jutting out, arms bound behind her back and noose snug around her neck.

"I'm glad you think so. How do you think you'll look?" Mina asked with a grin.

"Only one way to find out!" Terri grinned, clasping her hands behind her back and gazing down at her tits as the position made them stick out.

"There! Now for the noose." Kirsten said, pulling the noose over Terri's head and pulling it tight so it was snug around her neck.

"Mmm... Thanks!" Terri chirped, rolling her head to get a feel for the smooth noose.

"Alright, I get first pick so it's time to hang one of you two." Dawn announced, stepping back to eye the pair.

"I look forward to it..." Mina purred, twisting her lean body to make her tingling tits bounce and gasping at the electric tingles even just that motion sent through her bust.

"Me too! I'm going to look great when I hang!" Terri grinned, doing her best to pose and flaunt her big tits and six-pack.

"Terri, I've been jealous of those abs of yours for ages - time to drop you." Dawn proclamed, grinning as she grabbed Terri's lever and yanked it.

"Ya*GHRK!*" Terri's blurt of glee turned into a coughing gargle as she plunged two feet and jerked to a stop at the end of her rope. Dawn and Kirsten ogled the fit beauty as her firm tits slowly jiggled to a halt. Terri was obviously enjoying herself, her nipples wer stiff and here eyes were alight with excitement as her noose cut off her oxygen and she began to strangle at the end of the short rope.

"Mmm... those abs look delicious..." Kirsten purred as she and Dawn admired Terri's hanging form.

Terri grinned proudly as her six-pack was ogled and made her muscular belly ripple for the pair. The audience cheered her show and she blushed proudly, pussy tingling as her final show was applauded and played across screens throughout the club.

"Think she'll last long?" Dawn asked as she watched Terri's erotic writhing begin to slow.

"Longer than I will." Mina announced. "I'll be too busy cumming to care though..." She added with a grin.

Just then Terri gave another strangling gasp that was piped around the club, then she shuddered one final time and slumped - her gorgeously fit body hanging dead in the noose at last.

"Mmm... damn if her tits don't look better now than when she was bouncing around!" Dawn crowed, laughing as she reached out and gave Terri's nipples a tug.

"Yeah... and her abs are still perfect!" Kirsten muttered, stepping up and running her fingers down the sculpted curves of Terri's fantastic physique.

"Not to sound impatient..." Mina interrupted. "But I think I'm due my turn."

"Yes, yes you are babe - enjoy!" Kirsten said, grabbing Mina's lever and giving it a yank.

"Thank yo-*URGHK*" The goth beauty choked as she hit the end of her rope with a jerk that set her tits to bouncing.

"Here we go..." Kirsten muttered, grinning as the jiggling of Mina's tits sent waves of incredible pleasure through the pale babe. Her eyes bulged and a faint cry of pleasure issued from her lips as she began convulsing in pleasure.

"Wow..." Dawn muttered as she watched Mina's lean body and big tits buck and heave, her hips shuddering and shaking as they were rocked by orgasm after orgasm, each one more intense than the last.

The pair watched and the crowd howled its approval as Mina underwent a fairly short hanging, barely lasting through two minutes of intensely erotic writhing and bouncing at the end of a noose before she finally faded, slumping in death and becoming a gorgeous corpse in front of everyone's eyes.

"Damn that was hot..." Dawn purred, giving her super-sensitive tits a squeeze and gasping at the sensation.

"So..." Kirsten breathed, stepping up to Dawn and thrusting her big tits out eagerly, "ready for the final round?"

"You bet I am!" Dawn grinned. "But here's the deal babe - this ass of mine needs a fist in it." She said, sticking her sculpted ass out and giving it a smack. "Grab some of that goo and I'm all yours to play with, and hang, any way you want."

"Mmm... That sounds... fun..." Kirsten muttered, stroking her fingers across the generous curves of Dawn's big tits and grinning as the muscular babe shuddered with delight at the simple touch.

"Gods does it ever..." Dawn breathed, nipples hard as rocks and pussy tingling in excited anticipation as she watched Kirsten slip a glove on and coat it in SensoBlast.

"Alright babe, bend over!" Kirsten ordered, grinning as Dawn eagerly complied. The muscular babe dropped to her knees, leaned forward to pillow her big tits against the stage and stuck her toned ass up in the air.

"Come on, take me!" She called, excitedly flexing her ass and rocking her hips as Kirsten knelt behind her.

"Mmm... Damn you have a nice ass..." Kirsten muttered, giving Dawn's muscular rump a squeeze.

"Yeah, now fuck it!" Dawn cried. "Come on, slam that hand of yours into my ass and make me scream."

Kirsten grinned as she teased Dawn's anus with her fingers, gently probing it then easing one finger about an inch in.

"Mmm... yeah..." Dawn muttered. "Now come on, go deeper - I can take it."

"You better babe, because here it comes..." Kirsten teased as she slipped a second finger into Dawn's tight ass and slowly worked her well-lubed hand into her ass.

"Ohhgh... Oh, yeah! Mmm! FUCK! Damn that's good!" Dawn cried, pinching and squeezing her own big tits as she ground them into the stage - her body shuddering from the intense sensation of Kirsten's fist in her ass.

"Feel the SensoBlast working yet?" Kirsten asked, grinning as Dawn shuddered.

"Oh! OHHHhhh... OH FUCK YEAH!" Dawn cried, howling as Kirsten rammed her fist in deep - driving her hand all the way into Dawn's ass.

"And we're just getting started..." Kirsten growled, grabbing Dawn's hair in her free hand and pounding her fist into the muscular girl's toned ass.

"Oh! Ohfu- OHhHHhHHOOOgodimgonna..." Dawn's voice trailed off as she reared up from the stage - her eyes wide, her mouth an O, her big breasts thrust out, and every muscle in her body straining.

"Gonna what?..." Kirsten breathed with a knowing grin as she felt a shudder building in the depths of Dawn's ass.

"CUUUUUUMMM!!!" Dawn cried, howling with ecstacy as her body was rocked by an orgasm so intense her shuddering and shaking slid her towards the edge of the stage and Kirsten had to haul back on her hair to keep her from plunging over the edge.

"Easy girl! Easy! Shake those tits but keep your ass right here!" Kirsten shouted as she pulled Dawn back from the edge of the stage as the muscular beauty's convulsions eased and she began to slump.

"Ohhh..." Dawn groaned, a broad smile on her face as she collapsed on her side, her big tits bouncing and jiggling to a stop as she lay on the stage, staring out at the crowd with a beautific expression on her face.

"Unngh!" Kirsten grunted, hauling her hand free and grinning at the woozy babe.

"Wow." Dawn breathed. "Oh, that was incredible... I can still feel my ass vibrating."

"It was definitely hot. But wait until you feel those big tits of yours bounce around when you hang - that's gonna push all your buttons." Kirsten said, poking Dawn's nipples for emphasis.

"Yeah - that's right. Let's do it!" Dawn grinned, stumbling to her feet and letting Kirsten lead her to the last noose.

Dawn crossed her burly arms behind her back and took a deep breath as Kirsten bound them tightly. She moaned as Kirsten slipped the noose over her head and pulled it snug against her neck.

"Oh god - everybody's going to watch me hang to death..." Dawn breathed, staring anxiously out at the huge crowd of gorgeous girls.

"Yeah - A ton of people are going to get off on watching your tits drop and bounce. Are you ready to give them a good show?"

Dawn gulped, her nipples tingling with excitement. "Do i-URGHK!" She gasped as her muscular body plunged through the stage and jerked to a halt at the end of her noose.

"How's that then, I gave you a three foot drop - still with me?" Kirsten asked with a grin as she ogled Dawn's jiggling tits and dangling bod.

Dawn gasped, managing a nod as she stared up at Kirsten.

"Good - because I have something I want you to do..." Kirsten purred, stepping up to the buff babe and thrusting her pussy into Dawn's face - conveniently dangling at waist height. "Go on, dig in." She urged, grabbing Dawn's head and mashing it into her cunt.

Feeling an orgasm building from the bouncing and jiggling of her tits, Dawn eagerly complied and started licking Kirsten's clit furiously.

"Oh yeah..." Kirsten moaned, feeling the tingling in her clit turn into a throb as the buff Dawn devoured her pussy.

Dawn's first orgasm hit her less than 30 seconds into her hanging and she began to convulse and shudder at the end of the noose, her muscular body rippling and her big tits bouncing as she was overcome with pleasure.

The added thrashing of Dawn's orgasmic throes added to Kirsten's pleasure and she quickly came too, tossing her head back and crying out as she gushed across Dawn's face.

Cumming together, the pair of gorgeous girls made an incredibly erotic display as their big tits bounced and jiggled as their toned bodies shuddered with pleasure until, finally, Dawn's incredible muscles gave out and she slumped, dead at last.

Stumbling away from Dawn's hanging body, Kirsten gasped in delight at how hot the busty musclebabe looked dangling at the end of a noose. Taking a deep breath she turned and bowed to the cheering audience, then turned back to the line of seven hung babes and admired their gorgeous bodies.

Walking the line of dead girls, Kirsten's pussy tingled as she paused to cup a breast, stroke a thigh or squeeze a muscle. Kirsten moaned gently to herself as she idly fingered her clit as she enjoyed the view. Then she noticed a group of busty asian girls waiting for their turn on the stage and waved to an attendant.

"Hey! We're all done, can you take these beauties for their final trip around the club?" She asked the bright-eyed, big-titted blonde.

"Sure! Fantastic show by the way - that's definitely making it on tonight's DVD." The girl grinned as she activated the automatic machinery that carried each of the seven girls around the club for everybody to ogle before lining them up by the front door.

"Wicked!" Kirsten blurted, smiling eagerly at the thought of being immortalized on DVD. "Ohhh... I have such an idea..." She muttered, turning away from where three of the five asian beauties had already slid nooses over their heads.

Plowing through the crowd Kirsten found Amerie still sitting at the Toy Table, a big grin on her face as she waved bye-bye to Jo as the hot blonde was being lead away by a pair of black girls who couldn't keep their hands off her tits.

"Kirsten, babe! Did you see the show?"

"Of course! You and the girls were fantastic! Plus, I talked Jo into eating me out through almost the entire thing - although it did cost me a pair of drinks so now I'll be here for another half hour, easy."

"No you won't, you're coming with me!" Kirsten grinned, grabbing Amerie's busty bod by the arm and hauling her to her feet. "I have a great idea, just wait until I show you something!..." She enthused as she lead Amerie through the club crowded with buff and busty beauties.


Chapter List
*Chapter_01 - Intro*
*Chapter_02 - Toy Table*
*Chapter_03 - A Demo*
*Chapter_04 - Chairs*
*Chapter_05 - Toy Table Games*
*Chapter_06 - The Big Finish*

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