Friday, 11 April 2014

CSI Season 14, Ep 20 'Consumed'

Anybody else watch this episode?

It's amusing because they delve into the cannibal fetish scene and... well, get a lot of things wrong.

Vore != Cannibalism.

I mean, yeah, there's a LOT of overlap. But if you try to say they're the same you'll piss off people in both groups.

They also didn't show anything 'real' about the scene because they don't want a lawyer in a murder case pointing at them as a gateway.

A couple of things stood out to me:
1. They had male/male encounters.
Possibly due to the need to avoid treating a woman as meat on TV. That's still a touchy subject. But, I like that male bisexuality is becoming more acceptable in fairly strong characters. Like how the new prince in Game of Thrones is a macho tough guy who simply wants to fuck who he wants to fuck and anybody that calls him queer is going to get hurt.

2. The guy who was paid $100 should have made much more than that.
$200/hour is a reasonable rate for someone doing professional fetish services - either as a Top/Dom/Pred or as a Bottom/Sub/Prey*. But then, maybe he was just an idiot.

3. Eater vs. Dolcett.
Heard of Dolcett? He's a big name in some controversial circles. Did a bunch of very risque artwork that, pretty much, defined a genre of snuff/cannibalism erotica and then vanished. There has been work done to identify him but he has, mostly, eluded a return to the limelight. He is, for the record, still alive & well and he even checks in on a few sites from time-to-time.

The Eater in the show does his thing, hurts a bunch of people, explodes into media and then *SPOILER ALERT* basically vanishes. Similar to Dolcett. The amusing thing about him is that he looks kinda like Dolcett. If Dolcett were lost on an island for 3 months and was hooked on crack. But, the hair matches.

Intentional? Unlikely.

But, it makes me chuckle.

And, now I want to have this guy turned into an avatar option on a whole pile of sites I frequent.

Because I'd like to see someone on the show absolutely lose their shit about it. I'm that kind of jerk.

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