Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blip of Inspiration

What drives my writing is inspiration - a single idea that grabs me and spirals off into the depths of my imagination.

These aren't always big ideas. Sometimes it's the simplest ones that inspire the greatest flights of fancy.

Yesterday the idea that came my way was:

"Have you thought of maybe a Musical Chairs party game with girls and a popper for the loser?"

And that was enough to drag my mind back into a happy space full of ideas for more stories. This is good because so much of late has had me focusing on the day-to-day without the energy or inspiration to write.

For those who don't know, a Popper is a device about the size and shape of a billy-club. It has a few buttons on the handle and, when thrust into the depths of a curvy girl's cleavage, the buttons will unfurl a set of blades under the girl's ripe breasts and then snap them up through the girl's boobs and back into the Popper shaft - slicing the girl's boobs right off.

It is, according to, well, me "A fantastic new way to pop your favorite girl's tits off, or to have your own popped, anywhere and anytime! Just slide it in and, with the press of two buttons, those luscious globes will be sliced clean off."

I wrote a fairly kinky debreasting story about it that you can find here: Poppers

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*Lie. Thanks to the miracle of credit card debt, I'm actually fairly well-fed.

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